Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Blind Spot Series 2017

Here we are a whole month into the year and naturally I'm late to the party. The blind spot series was created by fellow movie blogger, The Matinee.

 As an overactive movie collector, I have amassed a huge backlog of movies, as an attempt to reduce this backlog and keep my blog moving I will watch something I have missed over the years and feature a review on it each month.
Without further ado, the list, in no particular order...

Gone with the Wind (1939)
Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
Grand Prix (1966)
Bullit (1968)
Argo (2012)
Fight Club (1999)
Children of Men (2006)
Hugo (2011)
Backdraft (1991)
The Fisher King (1991)
Signs (2002)

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