Large sewage suction truck suggests that the volume ratio of the general sewage suction truck to make some at the same time, because of its large power and large load capacity, small power save sewage suction truck round-trip transportation time, so the use efficiency of large sewage suction truck later than the ordinary sewage suction truck is larger, it can absorb more mud and mud, larger stones and bricks, for such a US city environment guardians, we should be more careful care and maintenance, let it every day to maintain a good working condition, but also can create more value for our production!
On the large sewage suction car usually maintenance and attention to the matter I summed up a few points:
First, the lubricating oil: 1, vacuum pump with ordinary diesel oil every 3 days to check the supplement once; 2, the hydraulic oil tank inside the hydraulic oil every 7 days to check the supplement once.
Note two: the work of the transmission mechanism, check the drive shafts, couplings and other abnormal loose, timely tightening fixed, otherwise to the pump and the power take-off and transmission device to cause unnecessary damage.
Three, one-way gas water separator (dual protection device): it is in case when the tank full amount of automatic shutdown device failure, to prevent the sewage into the pump, and automatic work of the dual protection device. It is easy to suck sludge, and etching tee ball, it should be changed regularly. In addition, operation easy to accumulate sewage, so after the end of job must drain and clean float, and regular replacement of the floating ball.
Four, oil and gas separator (it can separate the vacuum pump from the discharge of oil, water, gas, mixture): separation of the oil back as vacuum pump oil, but the separated water will be stored in the box, such as white oil, will reduce the lubrication and air tightness. It should be cleaned regularly, the replacement of oil, the amount of oil added to the middle line dipstick at true degree about 93 thousand PA, the use of ordinary mechanical oil, clean once a month inside.
Five, after the tank door clamping device: after long-term use, internally generated dirt, to tighten the handwheel, so every 3 months should be removed and clean inside the door of the dirt and rust, and appropriate to add lubricating oil.
Six, the use of force, the clutch must quickly step on the slow release, otherwise it will damage the gearbox and the power of the force.

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